Client Relationship Manager

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Hiring Manager

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

January 21, 2021, 9:00:00 AM

About the job

Konsyg is always on the lookout for talent whether in a freelance or full-time capacity. Konsyg is seeking operations executives to support the sales team. As a Konsyg Client Relationship Manager, you will be helping us to communicate closer with our book of business and you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to work in an international sales environment focusing on tech sales.


Responsible for nurturing our book of business.
Responsible for conducting research to identify areas of improvement for clients.
Experience in using a CRM system to log calls, build contacts, and record information.
Assisting the sales team to progress the sales cycle
Producing reports to show productivity


Skills Required

  1. Excellent communication in English

  2. Ability to work in fast-paced sales operations

  3. A proven track record of Communications

  4. Report and presentation development skills

  5. Leadership skills

  6. Knowledge of tech sales will be a major plus

  7. Patient and goal focussed.


Opportunity to work in a fast-growing global sales organization with a diverse workforce

Flexibility to work remotely

5 days working

Attractive commission and bonus plans

About us

Konsyg is a global provider of on-demand sales services for B2B tech companies. We do this through our extensive experience in end to end sales, pipeline generation, sales function consulting, and direct sales leadership. We are a global provider of on-demand sales services for technologies. Ideal for organizations looking to boost conversions for underperforming products or companies looking to build sales teams, Konsyg allows leaders to focus on the core business while acting on the behalf of the client. We maximize ROI, engage new markets, and create footholds for long-term multi-regional success.