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How the Sales Reps have had to Adapt to the New Normal

An article on sales in the new world by Konsyg Sales Representative, Latoya

When it comes to international sales I wouldn't say much has changed apart from the ability to physically approach your clients. So it changes the chain of contact but other than that the phone calls are the same. The presentations are the same. The pitches are somewhat similar. They just cannot be done physically anymore. Everything just needs to be done digitally with due care to the service and the product that is being handled. Before, you could call up the clients and meet them in their offices for a meeting but right now they are working from home and the gatekeepers are handling most of their phone calls. Also, before you could have face-to-face meetings and physical visits to pitch your product and services but that right now that’s not possible.

Everything being done over the internet. Everyone is conducting their business and day-to-day tasks online using different meeting platforms so the industry has become more digitized than it used to be. That’s why sales representatives play a very important role in an organization when it comes to global business. They're quite important because sales reps represent the brand, they represent the product, and they represent the service as well. They sell the product and they create a bridge between the customer and the company or between the two brands.

In order to be a good sales rep, one should have the ability to have good communication. The ability to have discipline following a schedule. The ability to be a good team member while working with a couple of people. The ability to be flexible and persistent. And of course customer service skills. Keeping all that in mind it is also important to make sure that you are being 100% efficient because only then you are an asset to your company. Following are some of the ways a sales rep can be efficient:

  • Sales reps need to have a positive attitude. Of course it starts with your mind.

  • Mentally you need to be persistent

  • You need to have discipline which includes going through your calendar and making sure you have balance between work and life as well.

  • You also need to be creative with how you're going to be able to sell the product to service, how you're going to be able to reach a customer, and how you're going to be able to develop leads.

  • More importantly being flexible enough to work with your team members having amazing communication skills because that is quite important.

Not only do the employees need to adapt to the New-Normal but also companies if they want to stay in the game. They need to adapt to the new normal now by training their teams, making sure their teams are in communication with each other. Ensuring that there is a proper team working structure laid out so they can make sure that they are working together. They need to make sure there is synergy. They need to make sure there is cohesion. The team members are on one page. Also, regular meetings to just make sure that everyone and everything is going smoothly. Online work also takes a toll on the mental state so making sure to always have a few team building sessions online is always a good idea. People love getting to know each other and it gives them the chance to relax.

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