Through comprehensive research, Konsyg was able to breakdown the entirety of the Singaporean market based on their target customers.

A highly tailored and multi-pronged outreach campaign was executed to reachout to their segment.
It was found that without a very aggressive marketing campaign alongside the sales campaign it would be difficult to compete with the already crowded field of competitors.

The pricing model was also found to be non-competitive when compared with the features of their competitors.


Founding Date: 2014
Industry: eCommerce
Company Size: 100-200
Region: Singapore

Contacts Gathered: 1,116
Total emails: 4,464
Follow up Emails: 3,348

Total Calls Made: 571
Connections Made: 169
Contacts Made: 68

Response Rate: 4.12% (46 leads)
Interest Rate: 1.79% (20 leads)
Total Not Interested: 21