Market Research

Client mentioned that ROI was achieved and customers from the campaign were continuing to provide increasing revenue 2 years later.

Client had to pause campaign for 1 year due to the need to increase headcount and upgrade product to handle the increases business from the leads Konsyg provided.

Campaign into UK was extremely successful in creating a steady stream of revenue for the client (over 2 years).Based on feedback and market intelligence from the original campaign, client was able to improve and augment the platform and re-engage with Konsyg.


Founding Date: 2011
Industry: Digital Advertising
Company Size: 51-100
Region: APAC, EU, UK

Contacts Gathered: 2033
Total Emails: 10,399
Follow-ups: 8,366

Response Rate: 288 leads (14.17%)
Interest Rate: 100 leads (4.92%)
Total not interested: 177 leads