Market Research Consultancy

A consumer observation and advertising platform which maps consumer mobile journeys from ads to product for measurements of advertising recall, brand attribution, and intent to buy generated by TV, radio and online ads.

Konsyg was able to generate a stream of interested leads to the client and was quite happy with the result of the campaign.

Very small market target, however Konsyg was able to expand this brand into new markets over the course of 12 months. After 16 months of service, the client was able to attain significant funding and currently has 300+ staff from its early days of 4.


Founding Date: 2012
Industry: Market Research
Company Size: 11-50
Region: US, UK

Contacts Gathered: 4,165
Total emails: 10,930
Follow up Emails: 6665

Total Calls Made: 10,374
Connections Made: 5,010
Contacts Made: 1,744

Response Rate: 332 leads (8.38%)
Interest Rate: 30 leads (2.74%)
Total Not Interested: 472