Marketing Technology

Despite its many uses Konsyg found that only a fraction of businesses actively use any sort of marketing technology, hence making the market for it very small. however, Konsyg wielded lists of over 150,000 contacts (provided by client) and processed them through our system.

After use of multiple strategies, Konsyg was finally able to find and penetrate the market yield a ROI. Despite the difficult market, Konsyg was able to provide a stream of leads that can eventually lead to businesses for the client.

The qualification process was extremely stringent with only immediate needs considered by the sales teams.


Founding Date: 2011
Industry: MarTech
Company Size: 11-50
Regions: APAC, EU, UK, US

Contacts Gathered: 6,899
Total emails: 17,975
Follow up Emails: 11,076

Total Calls Made: 1,153
Connections Made: 2,364
Contacts Made: 1,153

Response Rate: 11.99% (827 leads)
Interest Rate: 1.04% (72 leads)
Total Not Interested: 709