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Build your global sales team. We build, train and manage your sales team

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Sales people, make sales people.

Over the years, we have recruited hundreds of talented sales representatives and leaders for our clients. While leveraging various tools and networks globally, we provide our clients with the best sales talent in their region, whether remote or in-house.

Let's be honest, finding good sales people is a challenge in every market. Don't do it alone.

Every candidate is interviewed and brought under our internal training system in order to bring the most advanced results in the shortest period of time.

Note* Our Sales Recruitment services can be availed when one has opted in for either a Sales Management Campaign or a Lead Generation Campaign.

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How retainers work

 Konsyg is a 100% Retainer-based organization. Consider it similar to a base salary of an internal hire, however, in this case, you are leveraging an entire team responsible for the KPIs instead of an individual. 

  • Konsyg does not operate with a cost-per-action or profit sharing model

  • Konsyg has its own internal incentive programs to ensure intensity and quality

  • Retainer prices are based on complexity of the project

  • Retainers can be billed monthly, quaterly or annually depending on your preference.

  • All projects come with a 2 month deposit.


Who will be working on my campaign?

 Konsyg will be assigning teams within its organization based on experience in your industry. You will be elected an Account Manager who serves as "one voice" for the work of the entire team running your campaign. Average campaigns will have anywhere between 6 - 11 different staff members working on your campaign daily. We do not charge by "headcount" but assume the KPIs as a company-wide responsibility in order to provide more rapid-fire results. 

Konsyg will shift the identity of some of our staff to your brand in order to act on your behalf. No one will know this is an outsourced resource. 


Every product is unique and complex... 

It is quite common for our prospects to have complex products or services which target either broad or extremely niched audiences. Through our intensive Deep Dive system, our leaders sit in a series of meetings with you and your team prior to the launch of any campaign to iron out the details. These details are then distributed throughout our various departments providing a faster, more targeted product comprehension system.

Over the years we have worked with a variety of industries in and out of the technology space. We are experienced in being versatile and agile in our approach while bringing innovative ways to increase overall value. 

No product is too complex, and no audience is too niche...


We help increase your odds


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